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3 Ways to Increase Customer Retention and Nearly Double Profits

3 Ways to Increase Customer Retention and Nearly Double Profits

Wow, there’s been such AMAZING response to this letter that I'm re-posting it here. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

You’ve seen the photos. People paddling canoes down the street in front of their homes. Wheelchair-bound senior citizens lifted into a boat by helpful strangers. 180 MPH winds. Millions without power.

The damage from the hurricanes is estimated to be hundreds of billions. People won’t be able to work and kids can’t go to school. People like you and me need our help.

I found a charity ranked 100% by Charity Navigator. It gives away 99.4% of funds where YOU want them to go.

Forbes rates them 100% on Efficiency and 99% on Charitable Commitment. This group has been providing international relief for 17 years.

President Trump even donated to them.

It’s called Direct Relief.

Let’s help these hurricane victims out.

If you donate here to Direct Relief, I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book as soon as it’s complete.

It’s called Five Time-Tested Tools for Creating Lifelong Loyalty and I’m on schedule to a release on October 15th.

Just email me a copy of your donation receipt from Direct Relief and I’ll put you on the list for a free copy as soon as it’s complete.

About Five Time-Tested Tools

I’ve studied loyalty since 1990. How to get it. How to keep it. 1990 was the year my two best friends joined a cult. The cult promised them a better life. Yet the cult didn’t deliver.

Now, if the cult was a business, it would’ve lost some customers at that point. But my friends stayed even though the cult broke its promises.

Somehow, the cult did something to keep my friends loyal, in spite of broken promises.

I was determined to figure out why they stayed. That’s when I started studying the nature of loyalty.

It took a lot of time, effort and patience, but I cracked the code. Once I figured out these techniques, I understood why my friends wouldn’t leave.

See, cults use two kinds of techniques: manipulative and passive. The manipulative ones are really nasty. I hate ‘em.

But the passive techniques? Those are actually pretty cool. Anyone can use these passive techniques to create loyalty. They aren’t manipulative and they really work.

I identified five of these passive loyalty techniques.That’s what I’m writing about in Five Time-Tested Tools for Creating Lifelong Loyalty.

How You Can Help

So, if you’d like to get a free copy of Five Time-Tested Tools for Creating Lifelong Loyalty while you also help out those folks affected by the hurricanes, just go here to donate. >>

  • On the top right of the page, click on Donate.
  • Type in how much you’d like to donate.
  • Click on Direct my donation to if you’d like to direct the funds to a specific cause like Hurricane Irma or Harvey.
  • Pay by CC or PayPal

Then, forward your email receipt to me:

Let’s get that money where it counts.

Go ahead and donate now, and then send me the receipt so I can hook you up with the Five Time-Tested Tools for Creating Lifelong Loyalty ebook as soon as it’s finished.

The nation has been divided politically all year. Now is the time to come together to help those who need it the most.

Donate with Direct Relief now >>