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The Cult Your Brand Podcast

A podcast about culture in the realms of business, art and love. We talk with the world’s most interesting people about how to create and sustain a rewarding and effective culture.

The OZExpo Podcast

On The OZExpo Podcast, we talk with the people who really know the Opportunity Zone market.

From investors, fund managers and developers to tax experts, politicians and attorneys, if it involves Opportunity Zones, you’ll hear the most influential voices on The OZExpo Podcast.

The Manley-Danger Show

Back in 1999, Chet Manley and Maxwell Danger first traded lies in a seedy bar in the darkest corner of southeast Asia. The rest is – well, if not exactly history, then certainly legend. Or at least rumor. Max – a failed Buddhist monk from northeast Oklahoma and Chet – an independently wealthy trust fund baby from Chicagoland – immediately hit it off. They started their own pizza and heroin delivery service, but were deported for failure to bribe local officials.

They moved on to the eastern reaches of Siberia. There, they got involved with a local alternative medicine man and produced a documentary linking meteor strikes with Munchausen-by-proxy Syndrome. Once again, they were run out of town for failure bribe local officials.

Their adventures took them to India, where they published an independent newspaper for ex-Bollywood grips and gaffers – The Bollywood Bugler – but were deported. They had apparently bribed the wrong set of local officials.

In Egypt, they were deported for bribing the officials from the previous administration. In Monaco, they were deported for being too poor. In Albania, they were deported for being too wealthy. In Norway, they were deported for complaining about the food. (In fairness, the food in Norway is appalling.) In France, they loved the food, but were deported for being annoying.

Back in the states, they share the wisdom gained from a lifetime of adventure and risk – and interview funny, fascinating guests – on The Manley-Danger Hour.

When Chet and Max are out of town – which doesn’t happen that much nowadays – Matthew Thornton and Jack Heald sit in as guest hosts.”

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