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Hi, I’m Jack, founder of Cult Your Brand.

Waco, Texas. 1990. My two best friends - Bryant and Warren - joined a cult and vanished from my life. Our friendship was dead. 

They traded me in for sketchy promises of eternal bliss. I couldn't change their minds, and I lost them. It hurt like hell.

Still, life goes on. I went on to found my own software company and eventually sold it to a competitor. Then I consulted with dozens of other companies. Yet I never once forgot the pain of losing those guys. 

That pain drove me to study the nature of loyalty: What it is. How you get it. Why you lose it. How you can keep it. 

I've studied loyalty now for almost 30 years. And I understand it as well as anyone in the world. 

So what is loyalty? 

In a word, it's love - a unique kind of love, to be sure. But still - love. 

And I've learned that you can stimulate that unique kind of love with the right combination of techniques. 

If you use these techniques in your own business, your customers will fall in love with you. (The "loyalty" kind of love, not the romantic kind. That would be weird.)

And when customers fall in love with your brand, everyone wins

That's way better than a cult! No tricks. No manipulation. No pain. No losers. Just good feelings and real loyalty.

I'm eager to share with you everything I've learned.

Let's work together.

You can create customer loyalty in 5 easy steps. Download the quick reference guide now.

Cult Your Brand is like a cheat code for the human brain. It completely changed our thinking about our brand. I learned that any business that understands how its customers function can succeed almost independent of its content or product.

I learned what makes customers loyal, excited, and eager to part with their money. And I realized that loyalty can be created and cultivated. Jack gave examples of organizations that apply these concepts and ones that did not. Cults, religions, musicians, colas, tech, cars, coffee, detergent, etc… all successful companies use these same principles and he explains what they are in simple terms.

Almost immediately our effectiveness was improved. We were already hitting a few of the triggers, but now we know why they work and how to use them better.

Now that I know what is in this course, I’d gladly pay double for it. It really is life changing.

Matthew Thornton

Founder, Vinyl Station

Working with Jack Heald has been so refreshing. Cult Your Brand has so much more depth than anything else in the market currently. His attention to detail is amazing. He dives deeper and explains what creates cult-like followings and – even better – how to cultivate a loyal following for my own business.

Cult Your Brand has been one of my favorite programs. In fact, I liked it so much I asked to develop a joint program with him.

Lea Woodford

Founder & CEO, SmartFem Media Group

I just completed the Cult Your Brand training with Jack Heald. It’s the only program I found that focused on teaching the psychological shortcuts to Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention. I’ve gained great insights.

Jack has given me a whole new way of thinking about business as well as about my personal brand.  Jack’s approach is thoughtful, straight forward, and focused on lessons from history.  

Therein lies the brilliance!

Rick Stoddard

Director of Venture Engagement, Coplex

Working with Jack made the obvious things that we overlook make sense. Before I started I was concerned about the concepts being too far over my head to understand. But Jack’s stories and simple explanations made things make sense. Using a Manifesto in your marketing is the best thing I’ve learned. That, and creating a new language. Any business owner who wants to stand out from the competition – any business owner that needs more loyal customers – would benefit from Cult Your Brand.  Because of Cult Your Brand, I now get better quality prospects who are eager to do business with me.

Sam Phillips

Owner, Tribe Builder Ninja


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