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The Cult Your Brand Origin Story

In 1990, my business was almost destroyed by the loss of my two best customers. After years of doing everything right, they chose a competitor over me. It made no sense.

My competition was known to lie – all the time. That didn’t matter though. They left, and I was left to pick up the pieces.

That “business” was friendship. And those two “customers” were my two best friends. The “competition” was a fundamentalist religious cult.

I didn’t lose money when they abandoned our friendship. I lost something far more valuable: I lost my two best friends.

Hi, I’m Jack Heald, creator of Cult Your Brand.

I couldn’t argue them out of that decision. I couldn’t reason them out of it. Literally nothing I said made the slightest dent in their thinking. They were gone.

That loss took me years to recover from.

I vowed to figure out what had happened to me and to them. And frankly, I wanted to prevent it from ever happening to anyone else. For me, it’s not an academic study. It’s personal. Very personal.

Since 1990, I have been obsessed with learning everything I can about Customer Loyalty: 

  • What is it – really?
  • How do you get it?
  • How do you keep it?
  • How do you lose it? 

The Unexepected Result of Pursuing My Obsession

My obsession led me into realms of study I never would have imagined in 1990:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Science
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Hypnosis & Persuasion
  • Marketing, Advertising & Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming





I’ve had friends and jobs come and go. But the obsession remained.

I started, built and sold a software company. That forced me to immerse myself into advertising and marketing.

Once – as an amateur actor – I played a Nazi. I discovered first hand how empowering it is to be hated. That forced me to re-think the meaning of enemies. (Would you believe that enemies are your company’s most valuable asset?)

I lived with someone who suffered a severe personality disorder. That led me to the surprising discovery that all people are irrational most of the time. (That’s why logic so seldom works.)

I went through a divorce and started dating all over again. That led me to study neuro-linguistic programming. 

Trying to find a cure for my owns stress led to studying neurology, cognitive science and hypnosis. 

Everything I learned about people, about our brains, about decision-making and persuasion has been distilled into Cult Your Brand. There is nothing on earth like it.

Why Should You Care?

Today, Customer Retention matters more than ever. Yet Cult Your Brand is not a “loyalty program.” Those are just cheesy ways to bribe people to keep buying from you.

Cult Your Brand creates loyalty because it meets a deep psychological need in every human being.

It uses the same scientifically proven techniques that have won Nobel Prizes, techniques that help you keep customers buying and keep them talking about you.

But Isn’t This Manipulative?

If you need to persuade people, then Cult Your Brand will provide a concise road-map. If you hate coercion, then you’ll love Cult Your Brand.

You may wonder, “Isn’t this manipulative?” That’s a fair question.

Short answer: No. 

Longer answer: I’ve had enough pain in my life. I hate coercion. Remember, a cult cost me my two best friends.

I thought reason and logic would persuade them. They were both smart guys. Surely they would recognize the folly of their decision.

I was wrong.

That’s why I had to find another way.

I won’t pretend that these techniques aren’t powerful.

They are very powerful. Nevertheless, they are not coercive.

If you are the kind of person who wants to manipulate people, you won’t like these tools. They are too subtle and indirect for you. You won’t have the patience.

If you’re anything like me though – if you hate coercion – then you’’ll love Cult Your Brand. The techniques are psychologically sound, very effective and yet completely passive.

They’re kinda like music. You turn on the radio. People hear it. Some people dance. Some people hum along. And some people get annoyed. You simply allow it to have its effect.  

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