I have used or still use every one of these tools and can recommend them.

Graphics & Photo Editing Creation

  • Canva – There’s no reason on earth why you shouldn’t be using this. I use the paid version because I get more options I need, like multiple team members and brand colors.
  • PicLab – This little tool is good for photo editing and graphics – and works on your phone. ( Apple Store & Google Store )
  • BeFunky – I like to modify existing photos using cool filters and effects. This one makes it ridiculously easy.

Video Recording

  • Screencast-o-matic – I’ve been using this since 2012. I keep coming back to it because it hits the sweet spot between “Simple” and “Powerful.”
  • Loom – My top choice for Quick & Dirty videos. Does a good job of capturing screens and webcam at the same time.

Slideshow Videos

  • Animoto – Quick & easy slide-show video creator. I used it till I found this next one.
  • Automagical – this one is my preferred tool right now. I can make slide-based presentation videos up to 2 minutes. And they charge by the video rather than by the month. I really like this one. (I made this video with it.)

Automatic Social Media Posting

  • Buffer – If you need to schedule posts to social media, especially across multiple channels, you need a scheduler. I’ve used Tweetdeck and Hootesuite as well, but I prefer Buffer.
  • Quuu – Quuu will automatically create up to 6 posts for up to 3 social media accounts. The best part is that the posts are curated by Real Live Humans. I like it so much, I signed up for their advanced service Quuu Promote to get my own articles into that mix.

Video Conferencing

  • Zoom – These guys are the Big Dogs in video conferencing. For small businesses, the free version is more than enough.

Event Scheduling

  • FaceBook Events – I don’t think I need to say anything about this. You know how to find it.
  • EventBrite – I really like the additional options EventBrite provides. The free stuff is great, and the paid is even better.

Live Video Marketing

  • Facebook Live – More facebook stuff. No additional comment needed.
  • Periscope – This is twitter’s live video marketing tool. It’s not easy to start using, but it is totally worth it.

Automatic Appointment Scheduling

  • Calendly – I like to offer people the opportunity to schedule with me without me having to do any of the work. (Who doesn’t like getting other people to do the work for them?) Calendly is my favorite choice, but there are plenty of others out there.


  • Mailchimp – The free version supports up to 2000 names and 12 outbound campaigns a month. (I think that’s accurate; I’m doing this from memory now.) I pay for it because (a) it’s worth it and (b) I need it. But I started with the free version and it did fine for me for a long time.

Get Organized

  • Workflowy – This is another tool I have been using for years. It’s an outliner that works the way the old ThinkTank outliner worked. (Yes, that is a reference to The Time Before Windows.) I use it to help me organize my thoughts, take notes on meetings, track activities. If you don’t love it, I’ll give you double your money back.
  • I Done This – This is basically a souped-up task list. I like it because I can just quickly jot down what I just did, then look back and see, “oh yeah, I got stuff done.” Of course, it also lets you jot down your “To Do” list, and anything undone rolls forward to the next day. I keep this one permanently opened on my browser.
  • Trello – I really like the KanBan style of project management. Easy to see at a glance how a project is coming along. I’ve never needed more features than the free version provides.

What free tools do you depend on? Let me know.

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