Thanks to Sean at Western Mastery for inspiring this article. 

If you think the world is going to hell and Someone Should Do Something, then this message is for you.

How to Save Western Civilization

A Recipe for Recovery in 4 Words

I’m not kidding.

You can save society by learning to Get Laid and learning to Get Paid.

Let me explain.

We’ll start with Sex and then go to Money.


Why does a man get laid?

Because a woman agrees to mate with him.

And what is it that makes you an attractive potential mate to a woman?

She perceives you as confident, competent and dominant.

What happens when you mate with a woman? She gets pregnant. You become a father.

Defy the Decline

A truly confident, competent and dominant man who wants to save Western Civilization will then make sure that those babies grow up to become confident, competent, dominant men. Or grow up to be capable, creative, supportive women.

By helping to populate the world with those kind of men and women, you become a bulwark against the decline.

So how do you become that kind of man?

Step 1: Fix Yourself

This is where it all begins.

Sure, you might know exactly what needs to be done to fix the economy, the political system, healthcare, fitness, food and education.

But you have zero control over any of those systems and institutions, do you?

What DO you have control over? YOU.

You and you alone have the power to fix you.

(And frankly, if you can’t be bothered to fix yourself, why should anyone listen to you about anything else?)

  • You know you have bad habits. Fix them.
  • You know you don’t take care of your body. Fix that.
  • You know you waste time. Fix that.
  • You know you fill your mind with useless shit. Fix that.
  • You know you don’t live up to your own financial potential. Fix that.

That leads us to:


Step 2: Fix Your Wallet

Money is a proxy for time. The less money you have, the more time you must devote to basic subsistence.

If you have more money, you can buy the time of other people. Pay someone to take care of the low-value things: lawn service, pool service, house-cleaning, oil changes.

You get the idea.

Things you can’t pay someone else to do for you:

  • Exercise
  • Learn
  • Parent
  • Love
  • Feel

Free your wife from the need to depend on an outside income instead of caring for home and children.

Free your parents from the need to depend on government handouts for mere survival.

Free your children from the need to depend on government schooling for an education.

Free your friends from short-term needs that can be fixed with a quick infusion of cash.

In other words, when you are making more than enough money, you can multiply your influence – with both money AND time.

Get Started

So, do you really want to help save Western Civilization?

Then start learning to Get Laid & Get Paid.

There are plenty of men on Twitter who can help you with the specifics.

Here’s the ones I suggest you start following.

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