If you want their love, make them feel good.


More Evidence that Emotion Beats Facts

Emotion? Or Reason? We humans like to believe that we’re reasonable and rational. It’s those OTHER people who are so crazy. Nay nay! We’re all the same. The heart decides. The head rationalizes.

Quuu.co Gets a Personality

(Transcript)I read an email from Daniel Kempe this morning. The subject line was: “An honest and open statement about Quuu.” What he said in that email changed my mind about his business in the best possible way. And if you emulate him, it can help your business in...

Over-Simplify: A Branding Strategy for Savvy Marketers

Strategic over-simplification is a way to differentiate your brand identity and communicate your personality to your target audience. When you are building a brand, it lets you define your own business as well as your competitors’ according to your own rules. It’s one of the most compelling branding tactics available to the savvy marketer.

The Nocebo Effect is Stronger If It Costs More

When Donald Trump said “We’re gonna build a wall,” he placed a concrete image in our minds: a wall. And that mental image had an effect, even if we wish it didn’t.
Proof that the human mind is a surprising tool. And here’s yet more evidence…

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