If you want their love, make them feel good.


(Podcast) Roseann Higgins, the Millionaire Matchmaker

Roseann Higgins is CEO of Especially Selective, the only "romance headhunters™" in the country. Roseann describes her business this way: "We search for your dream girl at hundreds of the right events and get to know her for you. So you go on the best dates of your...

Eric the Car Guy: The Power of Honest Flaws

Eric the Car Guy is one of the most successful YouTubers. And he does something in his January that I felt like I had to share with you. He uses one of the most powerful loyalty reflex triggers: The Persona. You can use it too. Here’s how.

19 Free Tools to make your #DigitalMarketing Easier

I have used or still use every one of these tools and can recommend them.Graphics & Photo Editing Creation Canva - There's no reason on earth why you shouldn't be using this. I use the paid version because I get more options I need, like multiple team members and...

The 1st Loyalty Trigger

Transform Your Brand

Quick Guide to Loyalty Triggers

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