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Create Fanatical Loyalty

Build your personal brand with these ethical yet unfair techniques.

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What Our Customers Say

Cult Your Brand is like a cheat code for the human brain. It completely changed how we think about our brand.

I learned what makes customers loyal, excited, and eager to part with their money. And I realized that loyalty can be created and cultivated.

Jack showed us examples – cults, religions, musicians, colas, tech, cars, coffee, detergent – all successful companies use these same principles. And he explains what they are in simple terms.

Almost immediately our effectiveness was improved. We were already hitting a few of the Loyalty Triggers. But now we know why they work and how to use them better.

I’d gladly pay double for it. This information is life changing.

Matthew Thornton

Founder, Vinyl Station

I just completed the Cult Your Brand training with Jack Heald. It’s the only program I found that focused on teaching the psychological shortcuts to Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention. I’ve gained great insights.

Jack has given me a whole new way of thinking about business as well as about my personal brand.  Jack’s approach is thoughtful, straight forward, and focused on lessons from history.  

Therein lies the brilliance!

Rick Stoddard

Director of Venture Engagement, Coplex

If you’re like us and lost in a world of marketing insanity with your focus being on building a product and making it happen, then you must use CultYourBrand.

Our success this year is going to be a direct connection with our meeting and hiring his services.

Thank you Jack, can’t say enough how much of a pleasure it is to finally feel like we have a grasp over our marketing. We were in a fog, and now we have clarity.

Mike Mack

Co-Founder & CEO, Fract Inc

Working with Jack Heald has been so refreshing. Cult Your Brand has so much more depth than anything else in the market currently. His attention to detail is amazing. He dives deeper and explains what creates cult-like followings and – even better – how to cultivate a loyal following for my own business.

Cult Your Brand has been one of my favorite programs. In fact, I liked it so much I asked to develop a joint program with him.

Lea Woodford

Founder & CEO, SmartFem Media Group

Working with Jack made the obvious things that we overlook make sense. Before I started I was concerned about the concepts being too far over my head to understand. But Jack’s stories and simple explanations made things make sense. Using a Manifesto in your marketing is the best thing I’ve learned.

Any business owner who wants to stand out from the competition – any business owner that needs more loyal customers – would benefit from Cult Your Brand.

Because of Cult Your Brand, I now get better quality prospects who are eager to do business with me.

Sam Phillips

Owner, Tribe Builder Ninja

The Ethical & Unfair Way to Create Fanatical Loyalty

When I started studying cult psychology, I just wanted to know why my two best friends abandoned me. They joined a cult and disappeared from my life.

In my research, I found 5 easy-to-copy techniques cults use to win trust and create fanatical loyalty in their people.

Hi. I’m Jack Heald, creator of Cult Your Brand.

At the same time, I was also building my own software company. Finding and keeping customers was a matter of survival.

I needed trust and loyalty from my  own customers, too. So I wondered, “can I use the same techniques in my business?”

The answer?


I discovered that “cult psychology” and “brand loyalty” are two names for the same thing – an involuntary, predictable response to the same 5 stimuli.

I call those stimuli Loyalty Triggers.

  • Gandhi used Loyalty Triggers to win freedom for his people and unite his country.
  • Martin Luther King used Loyalty Triggers to move a nation to embrace the civil rights movement.
  • Steve Jobs used Loyalty Triggers to bring Apple back from the verge of bankruptcy and become the world’s most valuable brand.

In any city, you will see churches, temples and mosques that create fanatical loyalty by use of the same 5 techniques: Loyalty Triggers.

It’s not product, price or placement that creates fanatical loyalty; it’s psychology.

It’s Loyalty Triggers that make you and your brand irresistible.

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Create feelings of love & devotion in everyone you meet

These 5 emotional triggers make people feel love & devotion towards you. Some work in seconds. Some take a little longer. 

When used together, they are absolute dynamite.

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