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Get Fanatically Loyal Customers Without Stupid Loyalty Programs

Proven Principles that Keep Customers Blissfully Happy

Hi, I’m Jack Heald, founder of Cult Your Brand.

It started in Waco, Texas in 1990. That’s when my two best friends – Bryant and Warren – joined a cult and disappeared from my life. They traded our deep friendship for some sketchy promises of eternal bliss. And I couldn’t change their minds.

Did it hurt? You bet it did. I lost my two best friends to a cult. Of course it hurt!

But life goes on. I went on to build and sell my own software company. I consulted with dozens of other companies. And I studied loyalty with an obsession. Day after day, month after month, year after year.

Today, I know as much about loyalty as anyone in the world. Here’s the most important thing to know about loyalty:

Loyalty is an emotion, not a decision.

Today, I teach people – like you – how to apply these principles in their business. The good news? It works. No manipulation involved. You can start applying these principles right now and start reaping loyal customers. The bad news is that your competitors can, too.

My weekly posts contain the best loyalty-focused thinking in the world. How to get it and how to keep it. Put your email address in the box below to get my updates delivered straight to your inbox.

The Loyalty Formula

Before we discuss the loyalty formula, answer this question: Is your business a gerbil wheel or a flywheel? A flywheel demands a lot of energy to get up to speed. But once it gets going, all it needs to keep it going is an occasional light shove in the...

Persuasion, Loyalty and Pain (Part 2)

The one universal constant is pain. And the most common pain involves identity. We have the opportunity as business people to make the world a better place. It’s time to abandon the old ways of marketing and embrace our new role as “identity-providers.”

Persuasion, Loyalty and Pain (Part 1)

You can try to persuade people the same old way everyone does it. Or you can leverage the power of the most basic human emotion. You can not only get your message out, you can create fanatically loyal fans as well.

Ad Analysis – Jack Daniels Whiskey “Our Town”

I hate Jack Daniels. Not the man. The whisky. Sour mash whisky is not my thing. Lest you get the wrong idea about me, I am not anti-whisky. My favorite evening past-time is to share a fine tobacco and even finer single malt scotch with a good friend. I'm pretty damn...

1 Powerful Way to Command Customer Loyalty

"Customer Retention" is just a business-specific term that means loyalty. But can you command customer loyalty? In this short video, Jack Heald explains how to reverse the Customer Retention problem. Do not try to manipulate the relationship with your customers....

5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself

A Quora reader asked me to answer this question: What's the difference between branded & unbranded fuel? The answer may surprise you. What are the scientifically sound ways to make an impact on your audience? Learn How to Craft an...

What are the scientifically sound ways to make your personal brand unforgettable? Learn How to Craft an Irresistible Persona.

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